These days, anyone can list themselves as an expert in pretty much anything. If you want to stand out as a professional online or even impress your clients or potential employers, having certification is the way to go. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is by far the fastest, most affordable, and official way to demonstrate you have the knowledge and ability to be creative, effective and productive in any environment where digital-media know-how is in demand. Limited experience in using Adobe Photoshop? Don't worry, we got you cover! We start everything from starch and is perfect for beginner to intermediate level. Join us along with one of the best Adobe Certified Instructor to get certified globally, upskill and advance your career with an ACA Specialist Credential!!

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Package included Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certification, Certification of Completion,  and many more.


HRDF Claimable

Course Outline

Module 1: Concept & Design

  • Design Planning?

  • Copyright issues

  • Principles of Design


Module 2: Project Setup and Interface

  • Creating document

  • Navigating, organizing & customizing

  • Use non-printing design tools

  • Importing assets


Module 3: Manage Colors, Swatches and Gradients

  • Setting Fill & Stroke colors

  • Creating custom gradients

  • Managing swatches

  • Editing swatches

  • Swatch libraries


Module 4: Manage Brushes, Symbols, Styles & Patt

  • Setting up for a Colour-managed Workflow

  • Implementing Color Management Policies (CMP)

  • Understanding Monitor Calibration


Module 5: Layers

  • Introduction to Layers & Layer concepts

  • Managing layers with the Layers Panel

  • Working with Layers

  • Layer Styles

  • Blending Modes

  • Working with Smart Objects


Module 6: Selections

  • Selections in Photoshop

  • Feathering & anti-aliasing

  • Cropping


Module 7: Drawing & Painting

  • Colour in Photoshop

  • Setting Fills & Gradients

  • Brushes

  • Erasing

  • Shapes

Module 8: Masks & Masking

  • Introduction to masking & masking concepts

  • Knowing the mask types: Quick Mask; Clipping Mask; Alpha Mask

  • Using the Masks Panel


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