These days, anyone can list themselves as an expert in pretty much anything. If you want to stand out as a professional online or even impress your clients or potential employers, having certification is the way to go. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is by far the fastest, most affordable, and official way to demonstrate you have the knowledge and ability to be creative, effective and productive in any environment where digital-media know-how is in demand. Limited experience in using Adobe Photoshop and After Effect? Don't worry, we got you cover! We start everything from starch and is perfect for beginner to intermediate level. Join us along with one of the best Adobe Certified Instructor to get certified globally, upskill and advance your career with an ACA Specialist Credential!!

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Here’s what you can learn & get:

  • Explore the depth and new techniques of Adobe Creative Cloud Tools
  • Setting project requirements, identifying design elements and manipulating images
  • Countless helpful tips, techniques and trade secrets that you can apply immediately
  • Get global certification by Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification
  • Get noticed, earn recognition and promote from the employers

At the end of course, you will be able to whip up effects and create digital magic for every project in a flash!

Course Outline

Module 1: Working with the VFX & Motion Graphics Industry

  • Identifying the purpose, audience and audience needs for preparing visual effects and motion graphics projects.

  • Communicate with colleagues and clients about project plans.

  • Determine the type of copyright, permission and licensing required to use speci?c content.

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of key terminology related to digital audio & video

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic motion graphics, video effects and design principles.


Module 2: Project Setup and Interface

  • Create and edit a project with the appropriate setting for video.

  • Navigate, organize and customize the application workspace.

  • Uns non-visible design tools in the interface to aid in the video work?ow.

  • Import assets into a project.


Module 3: Organizing Video Projects

  • Using the Timeline panel

  • To manage layers

  • Manage multiple layers

  • Recognize the different types of layers in the Timeline panel

  • Modifying layers visibility using Opacity, Blending modes, and Masks

  • Adjust layer’s visibility

  • Create, apply  and manipulate masks


Module 4: Creating and Modifying Visual Elements

  • Use core tools and features to create compositions

  • Add, manipulate and animate text

  • Trim footage for use in composition

  • Modify digital media within a project

  • Use basic construction and editing techniques to manipulate digital audio & video.

  • Add and modify effects and preset.

  • Create and modify key frames for motion graphics.


Module 5: Publishing Digital Media

  • Prepare composition for publishing to web, screen, and other digital devices

  • Export Digital Video to various ?le formats’’

  • Save in the native ?le format for After Effects

  • Export frames

  • Export a composition

  • Archive a project


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