Invest in yourself to learn Excel tips and tricks and unlock your potential work efficiency!!

Come join us in Excel Online Course On Live to build your spreadsheets from scratch and actually understand how they work!!


- Get a feel on more immersive and fun experience

- Build tools to help you automate, streamline and revolutionize your workflow with Excel

- Carry out regular task faster than ever before


- Certificate of Attendence

- Training Materials

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

- Starting Excel, basic navigation, ribbon interface, Identify and use cells, columns, rows, workbooks to enter and manage data.

- Understand the formatting features, enhancing the workbook appearance and saving files.

- Explore Excel’s printing and viewing options to enhance the ability to print and work with your data effectively.

- Some key formulas and functions along with features to help manage formulas, functions and ranges.

- Managing and summarize the spreadsheet data to make it easier to identify and explain.

- Introducing, creating and formatting charts to help convey your data.

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